Meet the Bonnie: The New Family SUV

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Cargo Bicycles Work for the 21st Century Family

Your Mom and Dad may have driven you to school in a gas guzzling dinosaur, but parents today are discovering a different way to ride. A new generation is learning that hauling the kids to school or going to the store can be fun, easy, and possible!

At $1,199.99, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket book, just calories!

$1,199.99 plus tax


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2 thoughts on “Meet the Bonnie: The New Family SUV

  1. We are only in town for a few days where can we test drive one of your bikes?
    I cannot find a address or a phone number on your website.

    • Brad,
      We’re a small bike builder and don’t have a retail shop, just a work shop and sell direct to our customers online for now. However, one of our Clyde models is on display and available to ride at Small Plant eBikes in the Bishop Arts District. 330 W Davis St Dallas, TX 75208; they’re open until 8pm. Give us a call at 2142054205 to discuss further.

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