Meet the Stevie: the speedy delivery boy!

He’s got style, he’s got speed.  Two attributes any business is looking for when wanting to deliver their product in a unique but traditional way.  The Stevie is our custom delivery model for short or medium distance light-weight delivery.  If you’re a business wanting to offer a delivery program, the Stevie will market your product like no other bicycle can, and get your product to it’s destination quickly and with style.

Customize the platform to fit your business needs.  Deliver anything you can think of:  flowers, concessions, hot-food, produce; whatever product you sell, the Stevie can deliver!  Have heavier products to move?  Try out our Clyde, full size cargo bicycle.

The Stevie is equipment with a double kickstand for a stable parking experience, a rear 3 spd kickback hub, coaster brakes, cool, and retro styling.  Order yours with a custom business graphic, and powder coat the frame with your marketing colors to go along with his sleek, nostalgic look!

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