2016 Yvonne Food and Beverage Cargo Bicycle

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The all new, scratch built Yvonne food and beverage cargo bicycle has arrived for the 2016 model year!  We’ve been hard at work making improvements to all of our models, and are ready to show them off.

First, we’re now building our entire model fleet completely from scratch using high quality steel.  Our new fabricator, Clyde James Cycles, does an amazing job and puts a lot of time and love into them.  Frames can be built specifically for the rider based on their measurements.  Second, we’ve improved every single bicycle component on the bicycle from the hubs to the cranks, every single component is the highest of quality and the best stuff we like to use on our own bicycles.  Finally, we’re building the most gorgeous boxes from ReGeared that you’ve seen on a bicycle of this style and quality.

Learn more about customizing your Yvonne today by submitting an button inquiry, and we’ll send you an estimate for you start up business!

Here’s a breakdown of the standard bicycle and box specs for the Yvonne:

Bicycle Components

Frame High tempered, powder coated steel LindseyMillerPhoto_OCCB-3
Chassis Three wheeled, front loader, with leaf springs, max weight 1000 lbs, 96″ x 36″ x 41″  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-33
Rear Hub Electric kit from EV Tech; Click here for specs  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-19
Rear/Front Brakes Avid BB7 Disc  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-34
Rear/Front Rims Steel, 26 x 2.25, 14 gauge steel spokes
Front Hub Shimano Nexus, 36h dynamo  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-42
Tires Schwalbe Big Apple  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-23
Saddle Brooks B66, Black Leather, Universal  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-16
Grips Brooks Slender, Black Leather  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-10
Pedals All City Track  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-21
Handlebar Nitto B2501
Stem Nitto Technomic
Seat Post Thomson Elite, 26.6 x 330 mm, Black  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-18
Seat Post Clamp Thomson, 28.6, Silver
Crank/BB Soma Fabrications IRD Mjolnir, square tapered
Drive Train  1 x 8 speed cassette and derailleur  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-43

Box Details

 Wood Choose from several samples of reclaimed wood  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-39
 Dimensions 48″ h x 21″ w x 25 h”
 Top Stainless steel with clear coat  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-38
 Doors Sliding server side doors with locks  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-3
 Sidebars 2 recessed, sliding side bars server and customer side with auto close  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-8
 Finish and Undercoat Marine clear coat and tough sprayed-on liner under carriage  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-32
 Umbrella Mounts Two 1/2″ diameter mounts on the front and rear  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-26
 Parking Stabilizers Retractable and leveling parking stabilizers  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-24
 Access panels Two driver side access panels to the inside of the box for a clean configuration  LindseyMillerPhoto_OakCliffCargoBikes-41