All Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycle orders have a 15 day money back guarantee minus a 15% cancellation fee after receiving down or full payment.  Once full payment as been received, parts and materials are ordered, therefore no refund will be given.

Our Mailing Address, Phone and Email

Mailing Address:  633 W Davis St, Suite 103, Dallas, TX 75208

Support Email:

Owners cell: 214.205.4205

15 thoughts on “Support

    1. Frank, thanks for your interest. We’re in the pre-launch phase where we’re developing our pricing structure. We’re focused on affordability, and hope to start accepting orders come spring time! If you’d like to get updates, please reply back and we’ll add you to our email list!

  1. I’m here. They look interesting, but I’m guessing affordability is a rather elastic parameter in north Oak Cliff these days. I’ll look forward to it, but I wish you success in any case.

  2. I would be interested in prices also. I’ve been looking at bakfiets, madsens, bullitts, etc. online. I am interested in a box up front for kids and groceries.

  3. Brilliant! I miss my from my days in Den Haag and have been searching for a replacement here in Mexico City. No joy. So good to see this happening in my native Texas.
    1. What componentry do you use?
    2. What’s the time from order to delivery?

  4. So happy to see this in Texas. Finally.
    Miss my long fro Holland and can’t find a suitable replacement in Mexico City. OCCB may be just the ticket.
    1. what components do you use?
    2. what’s the build time?

  5. I can’t wait for this. I had a cargo bike I built out of a beautiful old schwinn. Took me years to get it just perfect, then poof stolen. I don’t think I have the time or energy to build another one.I still miss her and think of her often. I can’t replace her as all of my bikes are unique and have their own personalities (I can’t be the only one that thinks this) but I still need to adopt another one.

  6. I’m extremely interested in your ‘Bonnie’ Cargo bike for restaurant and groceries delivery I deliver for in San Francisco

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