A Bonnie build… See the finished product this weekend!

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Bonnie Barrow was an infamous outlaw from West Dallas who wrecked havoc in the southwest during the tumultuous times of the depression years.

We wanted to name our models after famous and infamous people who have embodied the unique and independent character of Oak Cliff over the years.  Much like these bicycles are unique and provide you independence from your vehicle for the short trips you take.

Our Bonnie model is a full-sized, Dutch style, passenger cargo bicycle fully equipped to handle two small children or one average sized adult.  It’s primary function is for moving your precious family cargo, but it can certainly handle trips to the grocery store, the nursery, or any place where you need to haul a sizable load.  $749.99

Come out to the Rahr Brewery Bike Swap this Sunday, February 10th starting at 9 am to see a finished Bonnie model!


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