Seeing bicycles as tools

We’ve been quiet for a little while now, working on the most difficult and exhaustive bicycle we’ve done to date!  This one was made for a new coffee roasting company in Denver, lead by local Jason Farrar and his business partner.  Jason was the roaster at Oak Cliff Coffee Roaster, the same folks that just opened Davis St. Espresso

As you can see in the photo below, it’s not completed just yet. Jason and his partner are doing the finish out and will turn this rolling, front loading trike into a fully functioning, self-contained, espresso-making, retail machine.  Their main business is roasting and distribution, but they plan to use this bicycle as a marketing tool to help separate themselves from the rest of the competition.

Also featured, is another business “tool” we built for a local company called ReGeared.  They hand build furniture, clocks, picture frames, awards, and many other items for sale using recycled bicycle parts.  They’re producing exceptional work and needed something to help them take their products to marketing events.  An OCCB made bicycle helps to showcase their products for potential customers.  You can see we built them a two wheeled T-Bone model with custom rear and front table tops.

If you’re a business looking for a way to utilize a cargo bicycle as a tool for your trade, email us at


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