OCCB Featured in Our Local Media!

The reason we used the name of our local community as part of our business name wasn’t because we were simply trying to capitalize on the redevelopment and attention it’s now finally getting after so many years of obvious shaming by the rest of the city, but it was because we simply love to live and work here so much!

Brennen and I are truly thankful for all of our family, fans, and neighbors support in making this business a success.  Oak Cliff is a very special place to live and work, and many people are now finding that out for themselves. All of our hard work is being noticed now, and here are a few recent media posts:

Thanks to the Oak Cliff Advocate reporter, Rachel Stone and photographer Kim Leeson, for a great article about how we got started!

Read the full Oak Cliff Advocate article!
Read the full Oak Cliff Advocate article!


Also, Mayor Mike Rawling’s Grow South campaign is in it’s third year, and Brennen was highlighted recently in a local social media post:

Click on photo to learn about Grow South and see their full post about Brennen!

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