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Launch to View Kickstarter Campaign!

Press Release | November 12, 2014

Local Cargo Bicycle Builder Launches Kickstarter Campaign at Wild Detectives, November 15, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM



Our Mission

To build environmentally-friendly, hand crafted, affordable Dutch style cargo bicycles for the masses made in Oak Cliff, TX

Our Project

We’ve been able to achieve our mission through hard work and putting 100% of our profits back into our company, but the time has come to streamline our manufacturing process, and build a cargo bicycle from scratch using traditional bicycle frame building techniques and methods.  Of course, our current recycled frames are built to the highest quality we can achieve using tried and true techniques, however we’d like to offer another line of scratch built frames that will help us to compete in our industry and overcome the manufacturing challenge of using recycled bicycles.

Our Rewards

We’ve partnered with our closest vendors and friends to bring you an exclusive list of rewards. We’re also offering an exclusive version of the new Clyde, Stevie, Bonnie and Bonnie Wagon with the highest end components and our newly designed frames.

Here are some highlights:

Get a 12 oz bag of the limited edition Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycle roast!
Get a 12 oz bag of the limited edition Oak Cliff Cargo Bicycle roast!


Recycled bicycle cog bottle opener...Yes, please!
Recycled bicycle cog bottle opener…Yes, please!


Publishing to grow your small world!
Publishing to grow your small world!


Check out the trailer for the Less Car More Go documentary!
Check out the trailer for the Less Car More Go documentary!


You'll be the coolest kid on the block with one of these!
You’ll be the coolest kid on the block with one of these!


Limit one.  Going to work never felt so cool!
Limit one. Going to work never felt so cool!


Learn to create art from the best!
Learn to create art from the best!


Our Company’s Story

The desire to own a custom built Dutch bakfiet is the reason I’m now the co-owner of a small, but growing cargo bicycle manufacturer in all places, Dallas, TX, specifically the neighborhood of Oak Cliff.

I had the idea to bring down a local Portland guy by the name of Tom LaBonty to conduct a two day cargo bicycle building workshop.  Tom is now a local, cargo bicycle making legend in the city that owns the right to say they’re the center of what’s happening in cargo bicycles in America.  Tom had been featured in a small documentary from Microcosm Publishing, when I first learned about these amazing bicycles.  He has a DIY approach to things, and that spoke volumes to us.

After the workshop Brennen went home and built his own from an old wheel barrel and spare bicycles parts by the end of the week.  Two weeks later, he’d built his second.  That was when I saw him out at a local community event trying to sell it with a little sign that no one could see.  I thought, “This guy is talented, but maybe I can help him sell these things!”  We then both proceeded to work on a business plan for building them right here in Oak Cliff.  It wasn’t long until we got a couple of locals to buy into the concept and placed our first orders.  Ever since those early days in late 2012, we’ve been putting everything back into our business to watch it steadily grow.  We have further to go, but we stand by our product, the benefits of cargo bicycles, and how much impact we think they can have on transportation and lifestyle issues.

Cargo Bicycles Built Green

It’s not often that companies go to such painstaking measures to reuse and re-purpose parts and materials in their manufacturing production like we do. Our industry is a glutton for producing too much product, and there remains too much bicycle material heading straight to our landfills. We are doing something about it by creating custom cargo bicycles from renewable steel frames, new steel, and the highest quality new and used bicycle components. The relationship we have with our environment is a key component to producing these versatile and reliable bicycles.

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