postmates2We’ve had the recent privilege to build a cargo bicycle for an independent contractor with a company called Postmates in San Francisco.  From the company’s site:

Postmates is a revolutionary same day urban logistics & delivery platform. It enables anyone to ship any product within a city in under one hour. In April 2012 Postmates launched their new Get It Now service. Get It Now extends the Postmates delivery service with the ability to purchase goods on behalf of the customer at any retail store or merchant in a city.

The Clyde, truck box, $949.99
The Clyde, truck box, $949.99

We built a Clyde for the contractor to help him improve efficiency and increase production by using a true and proven cargo bicycle design.

We’re told Postmates is expanding throughout the country and that it’ll possibly be here in Dallas one day.  We certainly hope so!  Download the App now.


One thought on “Postmates

  1. Postmates hires independent contractors and then prods them to work in schedules, while not paying for hours worked. They hire on “independent contractors” who are trained to act as employees (minus minimum wage, payroll tax, workers comp, and other employee protections.) These contractors take all the risk and then give 1/4 of the price to the parasites living off their labor. Nearly all of them are probably making less than minimum wage.

    While I love the bike you guys made, please be aware that Postmates is a company that takes advantage of its workers and should not be recommended to couriers nor consumers.

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