New Work Shop, New Year’s and Company Anniversary Party, January 4th

The elves are getting restless!
The elves are getting restless!

We’re having a party to celebrate our 1st year anniversary, the New Year and our new work shop at 1217 #B Fort Worth Ave, 75208!  We’re asking our loyal fans to join us for a keg of local craft beer, snacks, and music.  Along with needing a new shop to build our cargo bicycles, we now need a few items to help us fill and complete the shop.

If you can come between 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, please rsvp here, and bring any of these common items you may have extra in your own work shop, kitchen or garage that will help us produce and share these wonderful bicycles:

  1. Rags
  2. Electrical cords
  3. Metal cans, wooden/plastic boxes for scrap, Storage boxes for parts
  4. Water cooler
  5. Used tools including hammers, wrenches, Angle grinder, Hand drill (corded or cordless)
  6. Compressor, hoses
  7. Conduit and conduit connectors
  8. Lighting Fixtures
  9. Rolling carts
  10. Hooks
  11. Cable/Rope
  12. Large trash cans
  13. Brooms and dust pans
  14. Lumber

3 thoughts on “New Work Shop, New Year’s and Company Anniversary Party, January 4th

  1. I will be there. I might have to leave early to be able to catch the last bus home, but I will make an appearance.

  2. It was great being there and I love your frame jig. Sorry about the miscommunication about the frame style for my bike but at least we caught it while the bike was still in the tack-weld stage of construction so it can be fixed with a minimum of lost work.

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