Customer Review: The Clyde

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This is our first review from Robert Larrison, a Postmates independent contractor, in San Francisco who recently purchased our Clyde model:

One week review:

Wow…I want to begin first by thanking you gentleman for this incredible cargo bike.. everyone loves it, kids see it and start pointing..I hear nice bike about five times an hour.

Your T-Bone caught my attention.. the lines and curves caught the beauty that is the Schwinn cruiser. This bike is beautiful you have captured the lines and style of Smith Company’s cargo bikes. This is beefy and the job you’ll have done is awesome.

Gorgeous frame and the kick stand is better then I could have imagined keeps things stable.. Six full grocery bags, no problem.

Clyde is the great ride. Solid and stable. I’ve added a 250 electric assist for the San Francisco hills and I’m experimenting with some different tire pressures I’m trying a high pressure in front 100psi. It’s made it faster and much stiffer.

A cargo is definitely the way to go. It’s made my job way easy.. Just put my insulated food bags on and I’m off. The restaurants and customers love the knowledge that their food will be just as warm and wonderful as I received it.

3 month review

Wow about twelve weeks into the Clyde little over seven hundred hours and about four hundred runs… This bike is a workhorse doesn’t matter if it’s a shopping cart full or just soup and a sandwich it rocks load and go.. efficiently and in style
This is my first cargo bike …I’ve operated a pedicab in Hawaii so I’m familiar with the tradeoff between a ‘paperclip’ and a load caring vehicle and a cargo was just what I was looking for and The Clyde has done even better then I anticipated
Parking is easy with the awesome kickstand I haven’t missed locking to a parking meter.. solid and stable.. and unlike baskets it won’t flip.
Restaurants and stores love it.. Parked properly it’s compliments the aesthetics and as I said before the chiefs work hard on the meals and the customer doesn’t want to see their food come out of a backpack half of the staff look eager ride for me.
This bike rides well I love riding steel and you have picked the prefect half step gearing this bike can keep up… And with the two hundred fifty watt electric assist it can get up some ridiculous hills.
We finally got some rain and The Clyde is awesome just riding in general is easier the bike is perfectly balanced I’m not fight in to keep upright

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